Lotic’s “Freefall” Is a Very Goth Dance Track

As bracing as Berlin-based producer Lotic’s music often is, he’s even more playful—likely to drop a Beyoncé vocal in the middle of mangled dissonant metallic sounds and into unlikely beats. The seven-minute “Freefall,” which served as the soundtrack to Tokyo-based menswear label Julius’ most recent Paris runway show, is a distillation of this idiosyncratic style. […]

The New Pornographers: Whiteout Conditions

Coming-of-age movies from the 1980s are joyous, singular quests of the ego. This explains their largely teen viewership—it helps to have archetypes to parse while determining your own identity. It can be comforting to hit the prom by proxy in a Pepto-pink tulle puff, or step into the shoes of a glib slacker as he […]

Clark: Death Peak

Clark is a torchbearer for his label, Warp, a former vanguard that outlasted its own revolution to become an immutable status quo. He and labelmate Bibio interviewed each other for The Quietus in 2009 for the label’s twentieth anniversary, and Clark offhandedly related a creation myth for his music: “There was so much rave stuff you’d listen […]

Davy Kehoe: Short Passing Game

Your first thought, launching into the opening song on Davy Kehoe’s debut mini-album, Short Passing Game, may be that you’re listening to it at 45 instead of 33. It’s ridiculously fast, almost too fast: The drum machine tumbles in a syncopated, breakneck blur, shuddering like a washing machine at the furious peak of its spin […]

Cory Branan: Adios

About two and a half minutes into “Blacksburg,” off his fifth solo record, Cory Branan pauses his countrified classic rock tune for a solo from what sounds like bagpipes, a saxophone, and/or fuzzed-out Flying V power chords. Constantly shape-shifting, it sounds like a parody of white guys making fist-pumping music about feelings: a big moment undercut […]

Jack White’s First New Song In Nearly Three Years…Is a Baseball Commercial Jingle

Jack White’s first new song in three years, “Battle Cry,” is essentially a commercial jingle, which might seem odd if the commercial weren’t for his own company Warstic. White co-owns the company, which manufactures baseball bats, with Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler, and the pair star in their own ad soundtracked by the song. […]

Gorillaz’ Song With Pusha T and Mavis Staples Is a High-Wire Balancing Act

Gorillaz’ music is a big circus tent in which artists from different stylistic worlds romp around, trying out feats of cross-genre daredevilry without fear of falling. How else could you make a coherent album crammed with guests spots from Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg, and Bobby Womack? For their latest trick, Gorillaz attempt a high-wire balancing […]

A$AP Ferg and Remy Ma’s “East Coast” Is NYC Hip-Hop of the Perfect Vintage

A$AP Ferg hasn’t thrown down hard enough to claim New York rap’s Iron Throne. But when he bellows, “Call me Mr. East Coast, motherfucker!” in the middle of “East Coast,” his new song with Remy Ma, he makes a good case for his spot at the top. The bravado and moxie in Ferg’s voice, and DJ […]